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Population and society - small area population estimates (mid-2016 all persons) Edit

This group contains the data zone level mid-year population estimates from 2016 onwards for the Stirling Council area. The published datasets for “All Persons”, “Females” and “Males” are sourced from the annually updated Small Areas Population Estimates (SAPE) on the National Records of Scotland (NRS) website.

Of the 6,976 data zones in Scotland, each covering a population of between 500 and 1000 residents, there are 121 within the Stirling Council area.

For each data zone within the Stirling Council area, this dataset details the total population and distribution by age for the above, and can be viewed by Ward, Intermediate Zone (IZ) and Scottish Parliamentary Constituency (SPC).

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Date Created 2023-03-23
Date Updated 2023-03-23
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