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Projects using Open Data - Scotland

Travelling Tabby Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

source data: Public Health Scotland

John is a student at the University of the Highlands and Islands (Argyll College) and made a very useful dashboard over lockdown which has been very successfully received and relied on by thousands of individuals. This is a very well-laid project and the section on additional information at the bottom of the dashboard is well worth a visit on its own.

Street Art Aberdeen

A collaborative project created by Andy Gaskell which collects and display locations of street art in Aberdeen, helping the public find the artworks so they can be appreciated as they were intended - in real life

The Courier: King David and the death of Karen: Scotland’s baby name trends for past 50 years

source data: National Records Scotland/ The Courier Github Repo

An excellent (and entertaining) example of data storytelling by the data team at The Courier

Interactive SIMD Map

source data: Scottish Government

Explore the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) for 2012, 2016 and 2020 by geography. Map created and maintained by Scottish Government.

SIMD Visualised by Local Authority

source data: Scottish Government

A effective and eye-catching single-page visual by Jamie Whyte displaying the distribution of the deprivation index, within and across Local Authorities

Survey of Scottish Witchcraft (1563 - 1736)

source data: Wikidata

A queryable database of all indicviduals in Scotland accused of Witchcraft, compiled by researchers at Edinburgh University, and using data stored in Wikidata.

Aberdeen Harbour Ship Arrivals 1914 to 1920

source data: Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives

A community project which transcribed historical physical records from Aberdeen Harbour 1914-1920 into digital data, then visualised in PowerBI for the public to explore and use.

Data Commons Scotland

Running out of the University of Stirling, the Data Commons Scotland project is protoyping an open data sharing platform, starting with open data related to waste management and processing in Scotland

ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland)

An information service in Scotland for people living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers.


source data: Scottish Government

An R package of spatial map layers for Scotland. Provides access to various spatial layers of Scotland, such as administrative boundaries, natural resource management boundaries etc.

Data Science Scotland

Github repos for analysts across Scotland’s public sector to code and collaborate in the open

Open Data Scotland in R

Opendatascotland is an R package to download and locally cache data from website. This helps to quickly start data analysis by providing a simple way to save, organise and import data in R.

Estimated Tree Cover in Edinburgh

source data: OpenStreetMap

A visual map/experiment by Steven Kay (@stevefaeembra) using OpenStreetMap tree data to estimate tree canopy coverage for each Edinburgh neighbourhood. An example of a project made possible by OD contributors in "The story of how OSM got all its trees" by Tom Armitage(@MapNav_Tom), Phil Taylor(@ScienceAndMaps) and Louise Sing (@sing_louise).

ScotRail audio announcement

source data:

Want to have fun with pre-recorded MP3 file and create fun automated announcement.You are in right place. ScotRail has released a two-hour long MP3 file containing all of the components of its automated station announcements into 2,440 MP3 files snippets to play with.

Team CodeMaps

source data: OpenStreetMap, Education Scotland

A weekend hack project at CTC27 to map which secondary schools in Scotland have Computing Science teachers. Built with leaflet in R and deployed in RShiny.

City Centre Recovery Dashboard

source data: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Glasgow Open Data Hub, Network Rail, NOMIS (ONS), Open Charge Network, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT)

The City Centre Recovery Dashboard by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce pulls data from various open data sources and provides insight into the post-Covid recovery of Glasgow City Centre using key indicators such as footfall, transport, vacancy rates, business and tourism. The data can be analysed by users to support intelligence gathering, business planning and policy development.

Street Litter Detection: Computer Vision (Falkirk, Scotland & Punalur, India)

source data: Manually Collected Photos of Litter from the Streets of Falkirk, Scotland and Punalur, India

A computer Vision Project to automatically detect litter in the streets. Two different approaches using RCNN + VGG16 classifier and YOLO algorithms are implemented. This repository serves as a basis for further research in this domain, and the dataset can be used for public or academic projects.

Projects using Open Data - Worldwide

Open Waste Map (UK)

OpenWasteMap is a web app which uses data from OpenStreetMap to display recycling centre locations, their accepted materials, materials specifically banned, and opening hours.

Democracy Club

source data: community curated and scraped

Decocracy Club provide a number of tools, via website and APIs to make voting and the electoral process easier. They have a large, and active, userbase who crowd-source data on candidates, election, and where to vote.

Sensor.Community (formerly Luftdaten) (Worldwide)

A citizen-science project using sensors to collect data about air quality around the world. The community is headquartered in Germany but with sensors worlwide including some maintained by the Air Aberdeen group

Open Plaques (UK)

Documenting the historical links between people and places as recorded by commemorative plaques

Marine Debris Tracker (Worldwide)

An open data citizen scientist movement collecting and sharing data on marine debris around the world

Open Benches (Worldwide)

A site dedicated to memorial benches, snap, share and browse around the world

Gender Pay Gap Bot (UK) and Twitter @PayGapApp

source data:

This twitter bot created by Francesca Lawson and Ali Fensome caused a frenzy on International Womens Day 2022, creating both awareness and real impact as many organisations scrambled to react to being called out for their pay gaps. Read about the story on Yahoo News

Visual Maps of UK's 2020 Rainfall, Sunshine and Temperature (UK)

source data: Met Office

3 examples of cartographic visuals (maps) created by Owen Boswarva

Open Data Daily (Norway)

source data: Various

A collection of daily media around Open Data

UK Government on WikiData (UK)

Listing of UK Government entities in WikiData (Worldwide)

A comprehensive list of open data portals from around the world