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Road Vehicle Classification Counts May 2022 Edit

Road Classification Count

This data set is sourced from Dundee City Council’s Public Space Camera Surveillance System. It shows a count of road vehicles broken down by vehicle classification type in 8 specified areas across Dundee. The data set shows a snapshot of road vehicles within these areas every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during the period 1pm-2pm.

The vehicle classifications shown on the extract are:
Pickup Truck   
Truck e.g HGV’s etc

This data is experimental and subject to further refinement. Please note that due the nature of CCTV cameras at times data may not be collected as specified above. Therefore, caution should be exercised when analysing data and drawing conclusions from this data set.

CCTV datasets contain information on object detections taken from a selection of the CCTV cameras throughout Dundee City. CCTV images are translated into object counts, objects counted include ‘person’, ‘car’, ‘bicycle’, ‘bus’, ‘motorcycle', 'truck, ‘pickup truck 'and ‘van’. The data is generated and owned by Dundee City Council. Copyright © Dundee City Council 2022. This dataset is available for use under the Open Government Licence.

Background information about the Dundee CCTV cameras including a map showing the location of the cameras is available on the Dundee City Council website and can be accessed using the following link:


Additional Info

License UK Open Government Licence v3.0
Category Arts / Culture / History, Council and Government, Law and Licensing, Public Safety, Transportation
Maintainer Dundee City Council
Date Created 2022-06-29
Date Updated 2022-06-30
Original dataset link https://data.dundeecity.gov.uk/datasets/dundeecity::road-vehicle-classification-counts-may-2022


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