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Population and society - simd, population estimates, and child poverty Edit

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, Small Area Population Estimates, and Child Poverty 

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2020 is the Scottish Government’s official tool for identifying those places in Scotland suffering from deprivation. It incorporates several different aspects of deprivation (employment, income, health, education, skills and training, geographic access, crime and housing), combining them into a single index.

The 2020 Index provides a relative ranking for small areas in Scotland, defined by the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS) Data Zone 2011 geography, from 1 (most deprived) to 6,976 (least deprived). By identifying small areas where there are concentrations of multiple deprivation, the SIMD can be used to target policies and resources at the places with greatest need. The SIMD also provides a rank for each data zone within each of the seven domains, and therefore it is possible to look at individual aspects of deprivation for each area, as well as the overall level of deprivation.

National Records of Scotland Small Area Population Estimates (2021)

Child Poverty by Datazone (2022/23)


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