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Place Profiles (Open Data Collection) Edit

Place Profiles have been prepared to help people understand how Planning relates to the places where people live, work and spend their time.

Based on the development planning themes of sustainability, liveability and productivity, they tell a story about the environmental, social and economic characteristics of each community council area.

They have been created to help people engage in the preparation of Stirling’s next Local Development Plan (LDP3), and with the planning system more generally.

They have also been produced to assist communities in preparing Local Place Plans.

Place Profiles for all community council areas covered by the Stirling Local Development Plan will be published in spring 2024.


StoryMaps offer a way to interact with our data, allowing a user the ability to move around an area of interest, click on a shape to view its pop-up information, or view an embedded map in full-screen.

Simply scroll up and down through the Story, just like a normal webpage. If you want to view a map full-screen, click on the double arrows in the top right of that map. Images, simply click on an image within the StoryMaps to view a larger version. Note; some of our graphs are embedded images too.

Click "Get Started" to view the first StoryMap.


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Category Business and Economy, Council and Government, Elections / Politics, Planning and Development
Maintainer Stirling Council
Date Created 2023-10-12
Date Updated 2023-10-12
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