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Annual Outpatient Activity Edit

Patients who require the medical opinion of a specialist clinician may be referred to an outpatient clinic for treatment or investigation. An outpatient is a patient who attends (outpatient attendance) a consultant or other medical clinic, or has an arranged meeting with a consultant or a senior member of their team outwith a clinic session. Outpatients are not admitted to a hospital and do not use a hospital bed.

Outpatient attendances can be categorised as new or follow-up (return) attendances. Information on return appointments is only available for datasets that report on NHS Board of Treatment. Files reporting on the residency of patients only contain data for new outpatients as the ISD(S)1 data source for return outpatients does not contain residence information. ISD(S)1 also does not record information on the deprivation, age or sex of patients.

A variety of operations are carried out in NHSScotland and, increasingly, less complex procedures are undertaken in an outpatient setting. For further information on these procedures, see the Operations/Procedures section of the Public Health Scotland website.

Further information on hospital activity can be found in the recent annual publication.

The date of the next release can be found on our list of forthcoming publications.

As part of making our open data output align better with our annual publication tables, we have added health board of treatment column and qualifier columns (HB, HBQF) to the “Inpatient and Day case” and “Outpatient” files which have a breakdown by Location of Treatment.

As part of making our open data output align better with our annual publication tables, we have applied new column ordering to the Inpatient, Outpatient and Beds files in the September 2021 annual open data release consistent with the publication excel tables.


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