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City Centre Performance Dashboard Edit

The Glasgow City Centre Data & Insights Dashboard provides insight into the performance of Glasgow City Centre by pulling together data from several sources, which is then cleansed, analysed, and presented in the dashboard visualisations. The data can be further analysed by users to support intelligence gathering, business planning and policy development.

The dashboards use a combination of publicly available data and data from corporate partners to provide insight on key indicators including footfall, transport, vacancy rates, business and tourism.

The dashboard below is a public version of the City Centre Performance Dashboard that pulls data from open data sources.

Access to a more detailed version of the dashboard, with more data and insights, is available to members of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and partners. Please contact and detail your interest in the dashboard, including if you are a member of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.


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Category Business and Economy, Planning and Development, Tourism, Transportation
Maintainer Glasgow City Council
Date Created 2023-06-23
Date Updated 2024-04-30
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