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Tree Preservation Orders Edit

Trees are protected if:

They are in a Conservation Area.

They have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) placed on them.

Conditions have been added to planning permission to protect them from development.

You are required by law either to notify us or to get our permission before you carry out work on protected trees:

If the trees have a TPO placed on them, you must get permission before you carry out any work.

If the trees are in a Conservation Area, but do not have a TPO placed on them, you must give us 6 weeks' notice before you carry out any work.

This includes either dead or dying trees covered by a TPO or within a Conservation Area.

If you are carrying out work on trees that are outwith your own garden you may also need felling permission from Scottish Forestry. You should check the Scottish Forestry website to check if you need felling permission.


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