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Transportation - licensed plug-in vehicles profile (dft dvla) Edit

This group contains profiles of licensed vehicles registered within the Stirling Council area.

The Department for Transport (DfT) produces vehicle registration and licensing statistics based on extracts from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) vehicle database. Since July 2014, the main purpose of this database is to administer vehicle registration and licensing records for the whole of the United Kingdom. Additional sources are used to improve and expand the information available.

This dataset profiles the PiVs included in the “All Licensed Vehicles” count of vehicles categorised as “Other” under [Fuel Type]. However, it does not account for all vehicles identified as such within this latter dataset.

Source: “VEH0142: Licensed plug-in vehicles (PiVs) at the end of the quarter by body type, fuel type, keepership (private and company) and upper and lower tier local authority: United Kingdom” Open Data spreadsheet, DfT/DVLA Vehicle licensing statistics data tables.

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License UK Open Government Licence v3.0
Category Council and Government, Elections / Politics, Law and Licensing, Planning and Development, Sport and Leisure, Transportation
Maintainer Stirling Council
Date Created 2023-03-27
Date Updated 2023-03-27
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