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Transport infrastructure - cycle and pedestrian counter data (all year summary) Edit

This group details the output from transport monitoring of cyclist and pedestrian activity within Stirling.

Outputs from the monitors feed into Stirling Council’s Local Transport Strategy (LTS).

Cycle and pedestrian data are gathered using cabinets located at the side of footways and cycleways, which detect pedestrians using an infra-red beam, and cyclists using piezoelectric strips. The devices used are encrypted, and anonymise any data collected, so no pedestrians or cyclists can be traced.

The movements which pass through the detection zone of the counters are classified based on which sensors are triggered by the movement. Where the pedestrian infra-red beam is triggered but not the piezo electric strips, the movement is a pedestrian. Where both the infra-red beam and the piezo electric strips are triggered, the movement is a cyclist. The piezo electric strips are installed below the surface of the footway and so when cut, will fail to record anything.

In August 2019, the number of locations at which monitors are located increased to 23 with the addition of three sites around Craig’s Roundabout. These were installed to allow the figures generated from them to be combined with those from the Kerse Road Bridge to provide origin-destination data for the network of pathways going through the roundabout.

Traffic Scotland can provide updates on any road closures and the Scottish Roadworks Commissioner can give further details on any planned roadworks throughout the country.


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