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Population and society - young people living in income deprivation (2016-2020 ScotPHO) Edit

Sourced from Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) data for each calendar year since 2011, in addition to the overall value for the Stirling Council area, this dataset details, by relevant Intermediate Zone, the number of young people between the ages of zero and 25 living in the most income deprived 20% of the population.

Defined by the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS) Data Zone 2011 geography, Intermediate Zones are similar to Data Zones. The key difference is their size: Intermediate Zones have a population of around 4,000 and are built from Data Zones. Intermediate Zones are often used when the data are not suitable for release at Data Zone level due to the sensitive nature of their content. The larger populations of Intermediate Zones, therefore, mean that data published are likely to require less rigorous disclosure control.

Of the 6,976 Data Zones in Scotland, each covering a population of between 500 and 1000 residents, there are 121 within the Stirling Council area, accounting for 24 Intermediate Zones.

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