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Population and society - settlements and localities population estimates (female 2016) Edit

The datasets within this group contain the National Records of Scotland (NRS) mid-year population estimates for each settlement and locality combination within the Stirling Council area. Settlements are built-up areas which round to 500 people or more, with larger settlements divided into localities to reflect areas which are more easily identifiable as the towns and cities of Scotland.

The datasets are sourced from the NRS website's Settlements and Localities' page. This link also provides access background information on settlements and localities and how they are determined.

In addition to the mid-2016 estimated total female population for all ages against each combination of settlement and locality, this dataset provides a corresponding breakdown within three broad age groups: “Under 16”, “16 to 64” and “64 & Over”.

Source: NRS Mid-2016 Population Estimates for Settlements and Localities in Scotland.

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Date Created 2023-03-22
Date Updated 2023-03-23
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