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Education and skills - hands-up survey analysis by travel mode (2022) Edit

The Hands Up Scotland Survey looks at how pupils across the country travel to school and nursery.

The project is funded by Transport Scotland and is a joint survey between Sustrans and all 32 Scottish local authorities.

Each September, schools across Scotland complete the survey by asking their pupils ‘How do you normally travel to school?’. Council staff distribute the survey to schools and return pupil responses to the Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit for overall collation, analysis and reporting.

Published on May, 2023, the report provides a valuable snapshot of school travel in Scotland.

This dataset is sourced from table 3.3, “Travel modes by local authority and school type”, from the Hands Up Survey Annual Report and offers an analysis by travel mode of the responses from Stirling Council schools from 2008 onwards.

• D/S : Data suppressed. Where a percentage represents a value of between one and four pupils, it has been suppressed to maintain anonymity of respondents.

• N/S: School type not surveyed.


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License UK Open Government Licence v3.0
Category Budget / Finance, Council and Government, Education, Elections / Politics, Transportation
Maintainer Stirling Council
Date Created 2023-10-04
Date Updated 2023-10-04
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