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Private Water Supply - North Ayrshire Edit

The Water Intended for Human Consumption (Private Supplies) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 came into force in October 2017, and are regulated and enforced by Local Authorities. See

The main objective of the Regulations is to ensure the provision of clean, safe drinking water and to deliver significant health benefits to those using private water supplies.

The DWQR has an independent role in verifying that the Regulations are complied with and also reports on compliance with the Regulations to the European Commission. Local Authorities are required to maintain a register of every private water supply to premises in its area.

This dataset consists of 2 point layers; PWS Sources: This is the locations from where the PWS originates from, provided by DWQR based on the LA yearly Statutory Returns PWS properties: This is the location of addresses which are served by the specific PWS source.

"UPRN" and "address" are MANDATORY fields for both these layers in this dataset.


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License UK Open Government Licence v3.0
Category Council and Government, Health and Social Care, Law and Licensing, Planning and Development
Maintainer North Ayrshire Council
Date Created 2018-05-29
Date Updated 2022-10-27
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